Our other interests

It's not all work and no play for us at CIZA Concept. Here are some of our favourite sites and where we spend part of our time. Have fun!

Trinity Christian Centre Trinity Christian Centre is our home church where we spend half of our time (well. almost!).
Edsight Occasional online ramblings on technology, travel and thoughts.
Makan Time Singapore is renowned for its food. The problem is there is so much to choose from.
Land's End It is ironical that coming from a shoppers' paradise like Singapore, we would look elsewhere to do our shopping. Well, we only do so when we are too busy or when we just want to do some cyber shopping.
English Forums A network for English teachers.
The Straits Times We prefer the printed version of The Straits Times, a daily English newspaper in Singapore. But, this version is worth looking at for our friends overseas.
Everton Others may prefer red, but Edward is a true blue and has been a devoted Everton fan for more than three decades.

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